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Tennis Academy

Mustique Tennis Academy 2024


Conservation update - Spring 2023

Vincent Kneefel, Mustique’s Environmental Executive Officer, provides an overview of conservation work completed in the first few months of the year and what is planned for the coming weeks.


Mustique Blues Festival 2023

The Mustique Blues festival entered its 28th year with a blast as Basil's hosted its busiest festival ever with record numbers for the opening and closing nights of the Festival.


Art Basil 2022

This August saw Basil's Bar hosting the third annual Art Basil event and this year were raising money for the SVGEF and the Basil's Arts and Music fund to help with the development of Artistic talent in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.


Interview with Tim Henman

Tim Henman, one of Britain’s most-loved tennis players, has been running tennis camps here on Mustique for a few years now.


Conservation update summer 2022

This has been an incredibly busy period as we continue to work hard to enhance the natural beauty of Mustique while also reducing our environmental impact.


Conservation update Spring 2022

Since Ken’s visits last year where we out planted 3,000 fragments of corals and conducted our first data collection trip, we wanted to give you an update for 2022.


Island Chefs: Jerrol John

Over the course of the year we will be featuring many of the personalities and characters that help to make Mustique the laid-back paradise that it is.


Mustico II

Mustico II, an 11m glass fibre vessel, was delivered to Mustique in early 2021.


Volcano Emergency Relief Fund (VERF)

There is currently a national emergency in St. Vincent as a result of the continuing eruptions of La Soufrière Volcano.


Mustique Conservation: small ideas that make a big difference

There are goals we can all set and remember on a daily basis to protect and preserve the beautiful environment of Mustique, whilst acknowledging how far we have come in the process.


Combating Marine Debris on Mustique

Marine debris is the planet’s new normal. Only 1% of the plastics in the ocean wash ashore, and that may seem like a small amount, but unfortunately this equates to A LOT of bits and pieces on beaches all around the world.


Coral Harvest and Outplanting

This summer, we invited guests who were with us for the duration of lockdown to assist us with our coral outplanting.


Hans Neumann - The Man who Saved Mustique

In 1976 Hans Neumann, who had just built Point Lookout, bought 60% of the Mustique Company shares, as Colin Tennant had run into financial difficulties.


Conservation Update

A summary from Nakita Poon Kong, Environmental Manager, of all of the work done by the Conservation Team over the past couple of months.


Permaculture Magic

Permaculture, for those of you who don’t know, is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; through thoughtful observation of the natural environment.


Mustique's Coral Restoration Project

As set out in the Mustique Act, The Mustique Company has always had a responsibility to protect the island, and it takes its stewardship very seriously.


All the World's a Stage: The Life and Legacy of Oliver Messel

It’s often been said that had Oliver Messel lived to work another ten years, Mustique would have been one of the seven wonders of the Caribbean.


Interview with Camillo Gonzalves

Camillo Gonzalves, explains the unique relationship between Mustique Island and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.


50th Book

Since the Mustique Company was founded in 1968, fifty extraordinary years have passed. To mark this anniversary, we have commissioned volume III of the Mustique book, charting the history of our extraordinary island.


Mustique's Shipwreck

I arrived in Mustique in January and as a dive enthusiast I was told many stories by islanders about the SS Antilles, a shipwreck in L’Ansecoy Bay on the northern shores of the island.


Coral Restoration Foundation

From January 24th to 1st February a team of five divers from the Coral Restoration Foundation were on the island working in the two offshore coral nurseries