The Mustique Company is committed to the conservation of flora and fauna on and around Mustique, as well as minimising environmental impact where we can. Much of the island remains undeveloped leaving great swathes of natural habitat for the local wildlife, and for island residents and guests alike to enjoy.

land & marine life

Mustique has a conservation area which encompasses the entire island and extends 1000 yards from shore. This is a designated ‘no-take’ zone and a protected area for all animals and plants, including coral, fish, birds and reptiles.

land conservation

We practice permaculture principles and organic gardening as much as we can around the island. There are also individual kitchen gardens at many of our villas.

We host on-going beach clean ups as we are committed to collecting and removing marine debris as best as we can. This is primarily a community led effort, where we have daily hikers as well as our Grounds team collecting as they go.

We also collect sargassum along our Windward shores as there have been increasing influxes of this seaweed over the years. We use some of this dried weed in our compost which is then used to regenerate our top soil.

coral restoration

Mustique is undertaking an ambitious coral restoration program in hopes of improving the health of our surrounding reefs. We grow three species of coral on our underwater trees and since 2015, over 10,000 coral fragments have been out planted around the island.

sea turtle nesting

Sea turtle nesting occurs on many of our beaches between March and October every year. We are fortunate to have Leatherback and Hawksbill species lay their eggs on our shores, and these are monitored throughout the season.

Offshore, primarily Green sea turtles spend time grazing through healthy sea grass beds and Hawksbills along reefs throughout the year. You can see them popping up for air on the North and West side of the island. You can swim with sea turtles next to Basil’s Bar, but we recommend not touching or chasing them.

waste management

The Mustique Company created a comprehensive waste management strategy and has been actively improving recycling efforts since 2014.

We sort our waste into recyclable, compostable and non-recyclable material. All of our recyclables are sent to All Island Recycling on St Vincent, except our glass which is crushed and used in aggregate on island. Our organic waste is composted and reused as fertiliser for our food and landscape gardens.

There are various locations around the island where Waste Water Treatment Plants have been installed. They help to reduce run-off into the ocean which improves the water quality around the island. The treated water is used to irrigate our landscape gardens.

responsible purchasing

As a community, Mustique has been dedicated and determined to significantly reduce the presence of single-use plastic on island. In all of our offices, bars, and in many of our villas, we provide high quality drinking water from water filtration machines.

As part of our commitment to reduce our waste, there are no more paper or plastic bags available at retail checkout counters.

eco-friendly products

At The Cotton House and at Basil’s Bar, we are using biodegradable packaging and paper straws; all cleaning products are eco-friendly; coffee pods are compostable and ethical; and sunscreen sold at our boutiques are reef safe as they do not contain harmful chemicals*.

*Oxybenzone and octinoxate- chemicals that kills coral reef
Sustainable fishing

sustainable fishing

As much as we can, the chefs at our restaurants source and offer local as well as seasonal produce. Fish is sustainably caught within our Caribbean waters, with the aim of having low food and carbon miles. Additionally, we use chicken and pork farmers in St. Vincent who supply free range meat and eggs to our restaurants.
Sustainable fishing

Renewable energy

The island currently runs on a hybrid system of 15% renewable energy with the use of solar panels and diesel generators. The Mustique Company has a renewable energy plan to be over 70% reliant on solar panels and battery storage by 2024. We have already started construction to increase our solar capacity while decreasing our generator usage.

As we increase our reliance on renewable energy, we have committed to purchasing Electric Vehicles for our company fleet on Mustique- 80% of our rental vehicles are now electric.

carbon report

In 2017, Mustique created a baseline study to determine the island’s carbon emissions. Mustique has committed to reduce its emissions by 22% by 2025, in line with the government of St. Vincent & the Grenadines’ commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. You can find the latest carbon report here:
View carbon report