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About Mustique

There is nowhere quite like Mustique, from the tranquil, unspoilt natural environment to the social life, villa parties and many annual events that guests return to enjoy year after year.

Mustique, steeped in history and surrounded by intrigue, lies in the stream of islands of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, just a hundred miles west of Barbados. The island's gentle climate and natural beauty of dramatic hilltops and pristine palm fringed beaches has attracted visitors for generations.


  • 1958
  • 1960
  • 1968
  • 1970
  • 1974
  • 1976
  • 1979
  • 1988
  • 1993
  • 2008
  • 2018
  • 1958
    Colin Tennant, later Lord Glenconner, purchased the island with the intention of farming. The island was inhabited by a few local families who were principally fishermen and farmers.
  • 1960
    There was little or no infrastructure at all, but as the farming scheme began to look unviable, Colin Tennant decided to develop the island. His vision was to create the ultimate tropical holiday home for a select few of his high-profile friends.
  • 1968
    The Mustique Company was formed and approval was granted by the Government of St. Vincent & the Grenadines to establish a community. Hugo Money-Coutts was appointed Managing Director of the Mustique Company and he oversaw the development of the first villas designed by Oliver Messel and Arne Hasselqvist, and the construction and opening of the Bamboo Airport.
  • 1970
    Thanks to Tennant’s genius for publicity, people and parties, the island attracted an increasingly glamorous and eclectic crowd who in turn fell in love with Mustique, buying land and building their dream holiday homes.
  • 1974
    The original Basil’s Bar was established at its current site in Britannia Bay, with Basil Charles at the helm.
  • 1976
    Hans Neumann led a consortium that purchased a controlling share of the Mustique Company from Colin Tennant with the express purpose of managing the ongoing planning and protecting the island from mass development.
  • 1979
    Brian Alexander was appointed Managing Director. He oversaw much of the infrastructure development and villa construction until he retired in 2008.
  • 1988
    The shareholder structure was established to ensure the island remained financially independent. It is the reason that the island community and development has prospered.
  • 1993
    Throughout the 90s Mustique attracted a new wave of successful entrepreneurs and their families, who valued privacy above all things and wanted to get away from the public eye. Mustique became world renowned for its safety, security and the opportunity for friendships to be forged on the beach, on the tennis court and at dinner.
  • 2008
    Roger Pritchard was appointed Managing Director of the Mustique Company. He has overseen all recent developments of the island including the management of the 500 support staff.
  • 2018
    In 2018, The Mustique Company celebrated its 50th Anniversary with one of its legendary parties and a week-long period of festivities and events to mark the occasion.

the team

The Mustique Company, the island’s management company with over 756 resident staff, is led by Managing Director, Roger Pritchard. The company oversees every aspect of island life as well as the management of the villas on behalf of the shareholders and the safeguarding of the island.

medical clinic

The Medical Clinic on the island is run by Dr Michael Bunbury. He has spent the past 25 years running the island’s clinic, providing excellent health care to guests and the local community.

The island is very safe for guests of all ages and vaccinations are not required. The Mustique Medical Clinic is open daily should you need medical advice and wish to see the doctor for a private consultation. There is an island pharmacy but we do advise guests to travel with essential medication. In the unlikely event of an emergency, medical evacuation can be arranged and guests are taken to hospitals in either Martinique or Miami.

clinic opening times

Surgery Hours

Monday to Friday 8.00-12.30pm & 2.30-4.00pm
Saturdays 8.00-12.00 noon
Telephone +1 784 488 8353

Surgery Consultation Fees:
Guests and Visitors: US$195
Homeowner: US$145
Emergency or Home Visit: US$390
Xray: US$100
Ultrasound: US$50

our island doctor

The Medical Clinic on the island is run by Dr Michael Bunbury. Michael qualified from Cambridge University before becoming a Medical officer in the British Army.

He has spent the past 27 years running the island’s clinic, providing excellent healthcare to guests and the local community. He also oversees a Diabetic Clinic, on behalf of our Charitable Foundation, in St. Vincent.

Should you wish to make an appointment when on island or if you have any queries please do not hesitate contact the Clinic.
Contact the clinic

island security

In this age of luxury and global travel, it is hard to find somewhere that still has the power to amaze. Everyone who visits Mustique is captivated by the unique sense of island life; where you can enjoy the ultimate in luxury living with the privilege of being on a remote private tropical island. Mustique also happens to be one of the most private and safest places in the world, with a first class security and medical team on island to ensure our guests and the community enjoy carefree island living.


Few places remain where one’s home remains unlocked, or in this instance, without doors, and car keys are left in the ignition to avoid being misplaced. This is maintained by our diligent security force, whom you will regularly see circumnavigating the island.

Every island visitor is registered with our security team before arriving on island by land, air or sea, whether staff, local islander or guest to ensure the security team know who is on island at any one time.

Mustique lies beneath the hurricane belt and there is therefore minimal risk. In the very unlikely event that there is a hurricane the security team have a finely tuned plan in place to ensure everyone’s safety on island.

To contact a member of our security team at any time please call below, 24 hours.
+1 784 488 8424


Mustique provides a perfect stopping off point when sailing around St Vincent & Grenadines.

If you are arriving by boat please call ahead and reserve a mooring with our Moorings Office, and refer to the Mustique Moorings guide below.

Shipping co-ordinates:
12o 88′ 08′ N, 61o 18′ 82″
CH 68/16


Very occasionally a property might become available on Mustique, for which sales are discreetly handled by The Mustique Company.

Properties for sale


For further information or to make an enquiry, please contact the Managing Director, Roger Pritchard,

What is the weather like on mustique?

Mustique benefits from a stable and pleasant year-round climate with little seasonal variation. The tropical conditions are tempered by the northeast trade winds supplying a gentle breeze across the island. Being in the Caribbean means there can be downpours with the hotter wet season considered to be June to December. Typically there is a dry season from January to mid-April.

8 Hours - Average Daily Sun
30°C / 86°F - Average Daily Temperature
28°C / 82°F - Average Sea Temperature

What time zone is Mustique in?

Mustique Island is in the Atlantic Standard time zone. The clocks do not change with winter and summer time. It is GMT -4.

What is the island currency?

Mustique trades in United States dollars and Eastern Caribbean dollars ($1 US = $2.70 EC). Currency exchange and cash withdrawals can be made at the Mustique Company office.

Can i rent jeep and mules on the island?

Small buggies known as “mules”, electric vehicles and jeeps can be hired to get around the island.

Guests wishing to hire a mule must be over 17 years of age and have a valid driving licence. Drivers will need a current St. Vincent & the Grenadines driving permit, which is available prior to travel through Villa Services, or on arrival from Immigration at the airport. To arrange this please speak to Villa Services.

What is the dress code?

Island life is relaxed and informal and there is no dress code, although some guests choose to be more formal by night. Ties or jackets are not required.

Is the water on the island drinkable?

Mustique has a desalination plant and water purification system so that the island has its own fresh water supply. There are also water purification systems in many villas, at The Cotton House, Basil’s and the Beach Café. Guests are encouraged to carry a reusable water bottle to avoid excess waste from single use plastic water bottles.

What electrical sockets are used on the island?

All properties are designed to accommodate up to a 220-240v system. Some villas are equipped with US sockets but most villas and Mustique Company buildings have standard British plug sockets.

How do i settle my account?

The Mustique Company will collect all your villa accounts from the island suppliers and prepare a final invoice which will be delivered to your villa the evening before your departure. Please ensure your account is settled with the team in the company offices before you leave the island. All major credit cards are accepted.

What are the computer services on the island?

The island has WiFi throughout all of its properties. Should you require further information or assistance please contact Villa Services who will be happy to help.

What televisions and services are there on the island?

A variety of channels broadcasting news, weather, sports and films are available in your
villa including popular channels such as BBC World, CNN and NBC networks. Please ask your villa team for further information.

is there a library?

The Mustique Community Library is next to the primary school. There is a comprehensive range of books, from fiction to non- fiction and an extensive reference section.

The Library also offers internet and e-mail service, faxing and photocopying facilities, and DVD hire.

Donations of books and magazines are welcome.

The Library is open 9am-1pm & 3-6pm, Monday to Saturday.

are there medical services on the island?

Our island doctor runs a fully-equipped modern clinic and dispensary next to the Mustique Company offices.

Medical and emergency care, including the arrangement of emergency evacuation, is available at all times on the island.

8am-12pm & 2pm-4pm Wed & Sat: 8am-12pm Sunday: Closed

To make an appointment please call the Clinic
on 8353 or email

Is there a church on the island?

The Mustique Christian Assembly meet at the Lovell Church in the Village every Sunday at 11am and everybody is welcome.

The Bamboo Church is a picturesque chapel, next to the school, used for festive services, weddings and special occasions.

Is there any childcare?

A babysitting & childcare service with our fully qualified nannies is available.

If you would like further information or to make a reservation, please ask your villa team or call HR directly on 8136.

are there shops on the island?

Mustique has a number of general stores as well as a collection of boutiques offering a range of homeware, fashion and jewellery.

COREA’S FOODSTORE is the main supermarket on the island offering a comprehensive range of groceries, household goods, wines and liquors.

THE DEPOT is Mustique’s wholesale store for all property maintenance, plumbing, building and catering equipment.

FISH MARKET is situated within the fishing village in Britannia Bay and is supplied by the local fishermen, selling a fabulous supply of freshly caught fish and seafood.

BASIL’S BAZAAR is located at Basil’s Bar and has a range of beachwear, T-shirts and hats, as well as a variety of gifts, souvenirs and glassware from Basil’s Bar.

THE COTTON HOUSE BOUTIQUE has an exclusive collection of resort and beachwear, with kaftans, linen shirts, T-shirts, jewellery, gifts, and essential holiday items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and hats.

THE COTTON HOUSE SPA offers a range of beauty products from the Bamford body and skincare collections as well as scented candles and oils.

THE PINK HOUSE is famed for its beautiful clothing for beach life designed by the resident designer Lotty B whose hand printed range of silk sarongs and kaftans are much prized amongst the island community.

THE PURPLE HOUSE has a collection of locally sourced clothing and arts & crafts, handmade within the Caribbean and ideal for gifting.

MUSTIQUE GREAT GENERAL STORE is located in Britannia Bay and stocks a range of fine wines, cigars & souvenirs.

is it customary to tip?

It is customary to tip villa, hotel and restaurant employees and it is very much appreciated. The Villa Services team can advise guests if required.

What is the Mustique Company?

The Mustique Company is appointed to manage and oversee the island and look after all aspects of island life. It comprises of a dedicated team who are committed to ensuring the smooth running of the island and the welfare of its community.

Please do not hesitate to contact them should you have any queries throughout your stay.

How can i buy a property?

If you are interested in finding out more about villas for sale on Mustique please contact the Mustique Company offices on 8424 for more information.

How do i make telephone calls?

All on-island calls are complimentary. The country code for Mustique is “+1 784”.

For outgoing international calls please dial “0” followed by the country code and the number you are calling.

To receive international calls at your villa, the prefix “488” must precede the villa’s extension number. e.g. Villa Services +1 784-488-8424.

External calls made during your stay will be recorded on an itemized bill and charged to your villa account.