December 4th, 2020


There are goals we can all set and remember on a daily basis to protect and preserve the beautiful environment of Mustique, whilst acknowledging how far we have come in the process.

Our entire approach on Mustique is based around the four pillars of the island: Environment, Community, Security and Services, and in focussing on the environment we follow the principles set out in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. You can read more about our programme on the Stewardship page. We have made great strides across all areas but we can always do more, and sometimes these can be the simplest of things.

So here is a list of our Top 8 small ideas that make a big difference:

1. Say no to single use plastics, water bottles in particular – use reusable bottles instead

2. Turn off lights and air conditioning units when you leave a room

3. Go Green when you buy cleaning products or toiletries

4. Buy environmentally safe sunscreen or insect repellant

5. Choose to eat locally grown fruit and veg

6. Use Electric vehicles, or even better, explore the island on a bike

7. Picnics – use all natural decorations. No balloons, confetti or single use plastics

8. Join in! Help on island with a Beach clean up or come to one of our documentary nights

There is always an environmentally safe choice for every decision we make, if we can start small, we 

will collectively achieve big things. All of the ideas above are possible on Mustique, we have filtered water stations at the Cotton House, Basil’s Bar and in an increasing number of villas. Eco-friendly cleaning products, soaps, shampoos, sunscreens and insect repellants can all be bought on island.

It is for the benefit of us all that we look after the beautiful island that we are custodians of. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss an initiative, please contact me, Nakita at